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Job Hunt Progress

I felt it was necessary to report my latest status regarding my "job hunt" so far.

Over the past 6 months, I have been searching for a job to bring in additional income. Here are my results:

Kitchen & Company - Never heard back
Trader Joes - Denied at interview
Haywood Community College (Director of Small Business Center) - After a long and frustrating application process, where my application and transcripts were sent to the wrong department twice, I never received a return call

Target - Denied on 1/17/14
Biltmore (IT) - Denied
Biltmore (Dishwasher) - Denied
Biltmore (Security) - 1 interview, then Denied

Regal Cinemas (Floor Staff) - Never heard back/Application Expired

WCU (Grounds Keeper) - Still "In Progress"
WCU (Instructor) - Still "In Progress"
WCU (Assistant) - Denied
WCU (IT Services) - Denied
UNCA (Journey) - Still "In Progress"

MedWest (IT) - 1 interview, then never heard back

Art & Logic - 1 return email, completed a sample task, then Denied on 2/19/14 (although, according to the email, my work was better than what they usually receive, but it wasn't good enough to move on)
BCGTrans - Never heard back
KISS (Book company) - Never heard back
Followup Boss - Denied
TOKY - Never heard back
Morrison Agency - Never heard back
Authenticff - Never heard back
McKinley - Denied

1/25/14 (at this point, I just didn't care where/what the job was):
Lowes (Overnight Stock) - Turned down within 12 hours
Bi-Lo (Stock) - Denied even before I finished the application
Ingles - TBA
Harris Teeter (3rd Shift Stocker) - Application expired (3/25/14)

Update (2/10/14)2/1/14:
Buncombe County (Black Mountain Tech Support) - Application expired
Barnes & Noble - Denied
PNC Bank (Tech Support) - Denied on 2/10/14

National Park Service - Denied on 4/7/14

WCU (Tech Support) - Turned down (3/25/14)
WCU (CatTran Driver) - Possibly accepted on 7/2, but way out of date
WCU (UC Housekeeping Staff) - Denied on 2/25/14
WCU (Ramsey Housekeeping Staff) - Still "In Progress"
WCU (Assistant Campus Activites Director) - Still "In Progress"
Champion Credit Union - TBA
State Employees Credit Union - Denied on 3/20/14

Mast General - TBA
New Meridian - TBA

Harris Teeter (3rd Shift Cashier) - Application expired (3/25/14)
Regal Cinemas (Floor Staff) - Application Expired, Again

Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority (Operations Specialist I) - TBA

Harris Teeter (PT Cashier) - TBA
Harris Teeter (PT Stocker) - Application expired (3/25/14), Denied on 5/16/14
Harris Teeter (3rd Shift Assistant Grocery Manager) - Application expired (3/25/14), Denied on 5/16/14

Update (2/21/14)2/17/14:
Clear Channel Radio (Promotions Director) - Denied on 8/20/15
A-dec (Web Developer) - Denied on 4/10

AdvisorPool (Web Developer) - Denied on 3/26
[Legal Website] (Web Developer) - In Progress, not finalized

UNCA (Assistant Director for Student Engagement) - TBA

Update (3/14/14)3/14/14:
KeyBank (Applications System Consultant) - TBA

Update (3/25/14)3/24/14:
City of Asheville (Park Ranger - Athletics & Ball Fields) - Denied on 5/6/14
City of Asheville (Parks Recreation - Cultural & Arts) - TBA
City of Asheville (Concessionsare/Runner) - TBA
City of Asheville (Adminstrative Assistant - Human Resources) - TBA
City of Asheville (Adminstrative Secretary - Human Resources) - TBA
City of Asheville (Cashier) - TBA
City of Asheville (Tradesworker) - TBA

CBTS (Web Developer) - Possibility.... and Nope (4/9/14). Apparently, not enough Responsive experience
Abacus Group, LLC (Web Developer) - TBA
CyberCoders (PHP Developer) - TBA
CyberCoders (LAMP Developer) - Denied on 4/3/14

SMDC (Building Manager) - TBA

Update (4/7/14)4/7/14:
Harrah's Cherokee Casino - Production Technician - Denied on 5/7/14
Harrah's Cherokee Casino - A/V Technician - 1 interview, then never heard back

Update (4/17/14)4/17/14:
USPS (Mail Sorter and Processor) - TBA
Applied Solutions Group (PHP Developer) - TBA
WCU (Director of Conference Services) - TBA

Evergreen Packaging (Traffic Coordinator) - Denied on 5/15/14
Haywood County (Custodian) - Denied on 5/16

City of Asheville (GIS Analyst/Civic Programmer) - TBA
Immedion (Managed Services Engineer) - TBA
Modis (IT Infrastructure Manager) - TBA
Sinclair Broadcast Group (Multimedia IT Engineer) - TBA
Smoky Mountain Center (QA Tester/Trainer) - TBA
Self-Help (IT Tech Support Specialist) - TBA
Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education (Director of Marketing and Communications) - Denied on 5/16/14
A-B Tech (Programmer Analyst III) - TBA
A-B Tech (Instructor - Computer Skills) - TBA
A-B Tech (Instructor - Business Computer Technologies) - Possible
BorgWarner (Sr. Business Analyst - SAP) - TBA
Gaia Herbs (Application Developer) - Denied on 4/28
Storage Unit Auction List (Developer) - TBA
City of Asheville (Park Ranger) - Denied on 5/6/14
RSI Vacations (Application Developer) - TBA

Beaconfire (Programmer/Developer) - TBA
GalaxeSolutions (PHP Programmer) - TBA
TreeHouse Internet Group (PHP Developer) - TBA

Locus (Front End Developer) - TBA

4/24/14 - Harrah's Job Fair:
Harrah's (Production Designer) - Denied
Harrah's (Drop Counter Staff) - Denied
Harrah's (Groundskeeper) - Denied
Harrah's (Table Games Dealer) - YES!

Runskip (Web Designer) - TBA
RSI Vacations (PHP Developer I) - TBA
(no name) (LAMP Developer) - TBA
(no name) (Web Designer) - TBA
Econosoft Inc (PHP Developer) - TBA

Although I'm hopeful for Ingles and/or Harris Teeter, nobody can say that I didn't try, or "Getting a job is easy". I've been trying, trust me. That's 26 44 49 50 62 64 84 87 applications in 8 months (as of 4/18/14).

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Pre Xmas Status

It's been a busy end-of-November, and the holiday chaos is just beginning.

The good news: I finally got to work on the Pi some. After reconnecting my Pi and finding out that it had been dormant for about 7 months, I decided to kick things back into gear. First, the server setup:
Server Setup

With the Pi set up in the window, I set up the Cron system to automatically delete all files older than 20 minutes and automatically RSYNC over to the main server for remote management. Having all of the images on the Pi over the course of a day creates over 90,000 files and fills up the tiny 8GB device within hours. So I had to find another method. Luckily, I already knew how to automatically back up files over RSYNC with Password-less SSH sessions. Yay.

Cron commands:
*/2 * * * * root find /var/www/motion/* -mmin +30 -exec rm -f {} \;
*/5 * * * * pi /home/pi/
See my rsync script at my other post

Other good news: Night Blade has been published! Yes, we are out of the Proofing stage and officially selling copies!

Luckily, I got my Proof copy right before we left for Thanksgiving, and I spent the majority of Thanksgiving break proofing the edition (all of 6 days). After I got home, I made the modifications to the manuscript, reformatted it, and re-uploaded it to CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Leanpub. Personally, I'm proud of the fact that I wrote a book. Now on to #2: Day of Reckoning!

Back to Thanksgiving for a bit. Keat and I did the turkey, which turned out well, as expected. A little drama happened over the break that I really am glad that I wasn't a part of, although I wish I was in order to defend Keat a bit. As expected, as usual, we went on a hike. This time to Stone Mountain.
Keat on Stone Mountain

Overall, it was "fun" with the expectation of someone questioning your every decision. Ah, the holidays.

Also, since Shadow Dev is going through a bit of a revamp (and I spent some time writing instead of coding), I've been looking for some jobs with very little success. My requirements are as follows: non-sales job and non-fast food. Aside from that, I'm pretty much open to anything, but 90% of the jobs are "Part Time Sales", if you know what I mean.
Our Generation on Jobs
(I did not say this - it is a screenshot from Failbook)

I mean, I don't mean to be picky, and I have very good reasons to why I said what I did. As per my previous experience (and what many others have told me), I suck at selling. I'll say it again: I suck at selling. I'll admit it. Anyone who hires me to sell will never get their ROI back. They'll pay me to stand there and do many other things (stock, checkout, manage, etc), but not to sell. I'm a "people pleaser", and if I know of something that you can do to save you money and not hand it over in an "upsell" tactic, I will let you know. Although I'm thinking I need to move away from the "people pleaser" state as it seems to be doing more harm than good for me.

Anyway, here's what has been happening so far:
- Haywood Community College: I applied for the Small Business Director position. Personally, I thought I was a great fit. I met all of their qualifications (including a Degree in Entrepreneurship, which I have), so I thought I was a shoe-in. I sent in my application, my research paper, and my transcript copy to them in September as the due date for the application was October 30th. After a month, I didn't hear back, but it was still before the due date, so I sent in a message via USPS contacting them about the status of my application.

A few days before the due date, I was contacted by the HR Department saying "We received your letter, but not your application." Confused about the situation, I hand delivered in the other copy of the application, my research paper, and another transcript request copy to them an hour afterwards.

Not hearing anything back, I emailed the HR person about a followup. They said that they never received my transcript, and I had to go on a wild goose chase to find out where it went. Western said that they sent out both requests that I sent in, with the matching dates and addresses as well, so the problem was with HCC. Apparently, the problem was that my transcripts (and probably my first application) went to Student Services, not HR. I called Student Services and asked them to deliver my transcript to HR (across the hall).

Afterwards, I contacted the HR person again and asked for a status update. She said that the committee was making their decisions and that interviews were to be held on December 5th and 6th. Well, here it is, December 9th, and no callback. Which means, I didn't even get considered.

- Thinking that the HCC job was a deadend (and looking for backups), I applied to Target on December 3rd for "Backroom Stock" (not Sales and not Fast Food - perfect!). The application process wasn't that hard, but I have yet to hear back.

- I also applied to Biltmore a while back (October), but was turned down for 3 different positions: IT Staff, Security Guard, and Dishwasher. Yes, Dishwasher. I was passed up for a Dishwasher. Their message:
Thank you for your recent application for our Dishwasher position 
with The Biltmore Company.  We regret to inform you that we have filled this 
position. After considering each application carefully, our hiring team felt 
that there were other candidates that more closely matched the specific needs
 of the position.
Seriously? WTF?

- Looking elsewhere, I also applied to Regal Grand Theaters hoping to get some low-line cleanup crew position (hey, it's money). After visiting the theater with Keat at the Catching Fire premiere, the whole building said that they were hiring. So, I applied on December 3rd and have yet to hear back (I was hoping my LMP experience would mean something. I guess not)

If "overqualification" is a thing (it was when I applied to Best Buy back in 2004), then maybe I should do this:
Overqualification solved

Onto a different topic, I visited the NCCAT center last night to celebrate the "Hour of Code" (an initiative program to increase programming skills in schools) and talked to Dr. Wade with the NCCAT. After briefly meeting with him, I think that we may be on our way to start our own CoderDojo in the WNC area (the closest one is in Missouri). I also got an "Hour of Java" which was interesting. I contacted Dr. Andrew Scott for more information. Although, this has resparked my love for programming.

Meanwhile, Keat is working with a few "clients" on a Consulting business. Knowing that, we had a discussion and may be opening a "Web Technologies Consulting Business". Since "Web Design" is such a flooded market, and there aren't really any upsides to DIY Websites (and people want the moon, but only want to pay $1), we explored WordPress (yes, I know - stop badgering me) as a viable option. I installed a test environment and it does seem quite easy to use, so we may be able to offer that as a "Small Website Option" and make the clients manage it themselves. Self-managed websites with client decisions and actions, without being yelled at for things out of our control or expectations that we can never meet? I think it's definitely a considerable option, but not just for the "Web Design" factor - a consultant should be referenced.

And just because my week had been going like a wild rollercoaster, I saw/heard this, and it really helped me along:

And a reference:
Tso - get it?

And with that, I probably won't post again until after Christmas, as the holiday chaos is catching up and my sleep pattern is completely messed up.

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