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My Top 5 Best and Worst Doctor Who Episodes

I know it's been a while since my last post, and as I recover from my Honeymoon and get ready for the next school year, I pass the time by watching Doctor Who
for the nth time. My one, if not the most, favorite series.

While I'm watching some episodes, I thought I'd go ahead and post my 5 Best and 5 Worst episodes of Doctor Who.
Disclaimer: This only relates to New Who (Starting with Christopher Eccleston, the Ninth Doctor) and goes up to the end of Series 8 (Dark Water/Death in Heaven)

So, without further ado, here are my 5 Best Doctor Who Episodes that I'd be willing to watch and watch and watch. I mean, I'd be willing to rewatch the whole series, with the exception of my 5 Worst Doctor Who Episodes that I refuse to rewatch.
Disclaimer #2: If you haven't seen the episodes yet (up to the finale of Series 8), then Spoiler Alert!

Top 5 Best Doctor Who Episodes


Honorable Mention: Flatline
Series 8, Ep 9; Twelfth Doctor & Clara Oswald

This has to be my favorite of the Twelfth Doctor's episodes (so far). With the TARDIS' energy drained by the dimensional beings, Clara takes over as the "Doctor" and goes on her own way to act all "Doctor-ly" while the Doctor figures out how to reduce the TARDIS' energy drain, eventually putting it into Seige mode (which is awesome).

The final solution of using the dimensional being's ability to rob a dimension from an object and using that to repower the TARDIS was genius! Although the Doctor doesn't actually do much except "hide in the TARDIS", the delivery and story of this episode was great, but not great enough to make it into my Top 5. (Althogh I fondly enjoyed "Time Heist" as well, but I enjoyed Flatline more)


5. The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
Series 5, Ep 12/13; Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song

As much as this episode can create a headache if you're trying to understand the "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" effect of things, set that aside. The fact that everything that has happened in Amy Pond's life has lead up to one single moment of the Pandorica (the crack, Rory being a Centuarian, the Pirates, etc) was worth it. Additionally, having River threaten a Dalek and have it beg for mercy was awesome.

The Eleventh Doctor's moment with the Fez and mop was a bit confusing, it made sense, even if in a semi-disappointing factor. Then, having him cross his own timeline from when he was shot to being alive and sending the Pandorica into the exploding TARDIS of the universe was very nice.

Silence in the Library

4. Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
Series 4, Ep 8/9; Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble (and River Song)

This is the first (well, last) apperance of River Song, which was very confusing at first, but worth the wait to learn about her very complex storyline. Although we never actually see the Vashta Narada, their presence was a force to be reckoned with. Learning about the developing concept of Dr. Moon, the library of CAL, learning about the Vashta Narada living in the pages of the books, River's death, and other items was very well delivered, and it actually made you care about Donna, even though she was uploaded/saved, and then about her relationship with the guy with the stutter was very romantic.

And of course, it left you wanting for more to learn about River, how/why the Doctor gave her a sonic screwdriver, her diary, and how she is going to make an impact later in the series if she's dead.


3. Utopia/The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords
Series 3, Ep 11/12/13; Tenth Doctor & Martha Jones

I don't know what it is, but John Simms does a great job. It's only until this series of episodes that we learn about Harold Saxon, and how he's had a part of this since "The Runaway Bride", ordering the military to shoot the star-ship out of the sky.

Seeing Dr. Yana working with the Doctor to get the ship lifted to Utopia, and seeing Jack 'sacrificing' his life to finish the job was nice, then having Dr. Yana realize his watch, unveiling the affect of the Chameleon Arch and allowing him to re-become the Master, stealing the TARDIS to go back in time and become Harold Saxon, turning the TARDIS into the Paradox machine to bring the 'Toclafane' to their time to conquer the Earth, then having Martha travel the Earth to talk about the Doctor, only to use everyone's 'power of thought' to bring him back to his age.

The complexity, the story development, everything about this set of episodes was wonderful, including bringing back the Master. Once again, John Simm does a hell of a job (although I couldn't watch his series Life on Mars).

Stolen Earth

2. The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
Series 4, Ep 12/13; Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Sarah Jane Smith

The buildup to bring back all emotions. Having Rose back was great (with Mickey), bringing Martha back for a brief stint to blow up the Earth, bring Jack back from Torchwood to give some more comedic lift and to wrap things up, and Sarah Jane Smith for K-9 and Mr. Smith to locate the Earth and coordinate a communication bridge was a great way to connect all of the 'old' companions in a single mission, including Donna finally becoming the 'Doctor-Donna' that we heard the Ood say so long ago.

And then bringing Davros for the age-old battle. Classic.

Everything about this series of episodes was great, including the tear-jearking ending of returning the Earth, and Donna having to lose her memories. Great, but sad, but great!

End of Time

1. End of Time
Special #4/5; Tenth Doctor (with brief moments with companions)

To wrap up an era and David Tennant's (and Russel T. Davies')'Doctor Who' career (sans "The Name of the Doctor") was sad to watch, but they did it beautifully. Bringing the Master back (yet again) to finish his duties - to bring the Time Lords out of their temporal stasis, even though he didn't know it. Seeing Timothy Dalton as the Rassilon was great, and could possibly explain how Bond could be a Time Lord(?).

Seeing the Doctor use a gun was nice, as he never does that, and the unfolding battle between the hero and his nemesis while the Time Lords pull the strings was awesome, and to use Wilfred Mott (Benard Cribbins) was nice, as we saw during Donna's run, but didn't see much more of. Being able for Wilfred to pull the Doctor from the streets and to travel with him to the cacti people's - sorry, the Vinvocci's - spaceship was interesting, almost repeating what happened in "Army of Ghosts" (with the Doctor calling out to Rose in the parallel universe).

As much of a fan of David Tennant that I am, I really cried when he said "I don't want to go", which was as tear-jearking as dramatic.

Thinking "Where are the 4 knocks?" during the episode, as we heard "...he will knock four times" back in "Planet of the Dead" was interesting, as we all thought the Master or someone more sinister would knock four times, not Wil, and not on a radiation control box door, exposing him to countless tons of radiation, unable to focus the radiation into something - I don't know, his left shoe? - and forcing him to come to an end. Revisiting other companions (Martha/Mickey; Luke and Sarah Jane; Jack and Alonso; Joan Redfern (via Verity Newman's book signing, asking about her great-grandmother from "Family of Blood"); delivering Donna, her mother, and grandfather the winning lottery ticket for some financial stability; and lastly, Rose, way back before Christopher Eccleston came onto the scene) was a major wrap-up to both David and Russell's "Doctor Who" careers, and was just great to watch.

And that's the good news. Now, onto the bad. I understand that the episodes below had a purpose, whether it be story development, concept casting, or even just to fill a timeslot, but here are my 5 Worst Doctor Who Episodes that I refuse to rewatch.

Top 5 Worst Doctor Who Episodes

Unicorn and the Wasp

Honorable Mention: The Unicorn and the Wasp
Series 4, Ep 7, Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble

My issue: Mainly, Wasps
I'm not a big fan of wasps to begin with, which was not a good start knowing the title of this episode. Learning about Agatha Christie was nice, and the bit of mystery was okay (for an Agatha Christie-type murder mystery), but the episode was very slow to develop, then had a rushed climax to end with (with the drowning of the wasp, the "Mystery of Agatha Christie", her novel being republished in the year 5 billion, etc). I'd watch it again if I absolutely had to, but I won't enjoy it.

I agree with Agatha Christie, though, in the quote "The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture." There was certainly a chase to figure out who the murder was, but at the end, it was just a rush to tie everything together.

Forest of the Night

5. In the Forest of the Night
Series 8, Ep 10, Twelfth Doctor & Clara Oswald

My issue: Nothing happened
I know the Twelfth Doctor still needs to develop his own character (which I hope he does in Series 9), but this episode has absolutely nothing to do. That's it. Nothing. (The only thing worth mentioning is the development in the Clara/Danny relationship.)

I mean, even "Blink" had an almost Doctor-less appearance, but with this episode, everything was going to happen regardless of whether the Doctor and Clara were there to do anything. Okay, the population is freaking about about the numerous trees on the planet, but the planet was doing that for protection. Then, after the solar flare, the sprites go away with the trees and everything returns to normal.

This episode was more than disappointing, did nothing, nothing happened, and there wasn't much to watch. (This episode won over "Kill the Moon", in which the moon is apparently a monster egg, whom which Clara has the choice to kill or not, all of which turns out to hatch, then lay another egg in its place; again, not much happened regardless whether or not the Doctor interviened or not)

Crimson Horror

4. The Crimson Horror
Series 7, Ep 11, Eleventh Doctor & Clara Oswald

My issue: massive plot hole in canon
As much as I wanted to enjoy the mystery of why Matt Smith was red, the episode concept was disturbing; I mean, turning people into candy and putting them on display? It was as if the writers just needed something to fill some time, and they were looking at a Fruit Rollup and a doll house. There have been plenty of episodes/series/shows where people have been eaten (look at Futurama: The Problem with Popplers where Freedom Waterfall, Jr, is eaten by Lrrr), the concept of this episode was just disturbing and not worth a re-watch.


3. Midnight
Series 4, Ep 10, Tenth Doctor & Donna Noble

My issue: the screaming mad lady
Planet made of diamond. Waterfalls made of sapphires. Trains riding on radiation. What's not to like?

Oh yeah, the screaming mad lady. That alone made the episode unenjoyable.

I mean, having the Doctor try to figure out why everyone is repeating everything is interesting, and seeing "Young Authur" in the train was interesting, but the mad screaming lady just made me say "Oh, just shut up!" countless times, and taking out the enjoyment of this episode (and Donna only being used at the tail-end was nice, but seemed like just a filler to wrap up).

Fear Her

2. Fear Her
Series 2, Ep 11, Tenth Doctor & Rose Tyler

My issue: Chloe Webber
Back before 2012, I expected to see the Doctor (or just David Tennant) at the 2012 Olympics, since this episode takes place during that time. How cool would that be?

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Oh well.

Regardless, this episode had some good points: the scribbles, the tiny alien ship that traveled on heat, the Olympic torch carrying. But one thing made it unwatchable: Chloe Webber.

That's it. Let me explain: Chloe Webber is a little girl that is the host of the alien and puts people (including the Doctor and the TARDIS) into a crayon drawing. The concept is interesting, but everytime the alien needs to talk, it does it through her, she does it in a very raspy voice referring to herself in the third person - repeatedly, and repeatedly, and repeatedly. I understand that she had to refer to herself to get the point across of the girl, but everytime I hear "Chloe Webber", I hear it in the girl's raspy voice, which just makes it annoying, and thus, this episode unwatchable.

Love and Monsters

1. Love & Monsters
Series 2, Ep 10, Tenth Doctor & Rose Tyler

My issue: complete side story with unrelated story development and awkward ending
Hopefully, this doesn't need to be said, as it's already been said multiple times. This episode was almost Doctor-less, but had very disturbing theme to it.

Overall: A group of people find clues to the Doctor (just like Clive found in "Rose") and eventually become a study group (thank you Community). They then have a person come and become the leader of the group, forcing everyone to do research to find the Doctor. Finally, the 'narrator' finds the Doctor, and a nasty looking alien, and reports back to the group, only to find members of the group missing - which we found out were absorbed by the 'leader' who is an Abzorbaloff, an alien species who absorbs others, which has been done before (just like "School Reunion"), but this was disturbing, especially seeing the people's faces on the body of the Abzorbaloff. At the end, the Abzorbaloff 'melts' and the narrator's 'girlfriend' melts into a cement plate, which he takes home and loves, which is just creepy.

Still, overall, my worst "Doctor Who" episode.

I do want to go on the record and say that I am a big fan of David Tennant, but there are just a handful of episodes during his era that I just would not like to see again. (I blame the writers.)

That's it. As of today, these are my top 5 (6?) Best and Worst Doctor Who episodes. Do you agree with this list or have your own list of episodes you love/hate/love-hate?

Screencaps courtesy of and Of course, all screencaps are © of BBC.


ConCarolinas and Next Novel Series

June brings new opportunities and ideas, along with ConCarolinas 2015 being over, which is a bummer, because it was really exciting!

Keat and I had a table to tell books (big thank you to Chip for helping us out) and made a lot of connections! We sold some books, raffled off some, and even raised some donation money for Niko (see more later).

To start things off, take a look at this:
K-9, 10th, and 4th Doctor

Keat and I did roughly 4 panels each, and although the scheduling could've been a bit better, it was still fun. We also got invited to a bunch of parties, which was awesome!

We raised some donation money in Niko's name to be donated to the Humane Alliance, and we raised $61 to be donated, which was awesome since we were basically unheard-of no-name authors.

My Next Series

My next series will be Omega Noir, which will be a magical series, and as I said in my Interview, this series will be "[...] following a "street-smarts" character and exploring the world of magic. Imagine "Harry Potter" meets "Hunger Games" meets "Game of Thrones," to put it simply." I'm already 10 days into writing and 20k words in, so it's coming along nicely.

The big difference will be that this will be almost R-rated, since it will have more of a darker tone. I may bridge it back to PG-13, but it will definitely be dark.

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Free Comic Book Day!

Keat and I participated in Free Comic Book Day put on by Comic Envy in Asheville. Long Story short: it was a blast!

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NaNoWriMo 2013 Results (and Day of the Doctor mini-review)

After constantly refreshing my Smashwords, Leanpub, and USPS Tracking tabs over the past 5 days, I visit my NaNoWriMo page early this morning, just to clear out any old messages. And I see something that I knew was there, but didn't really pay attention to.
NaNo awards

You see the thing with the trophy on it? Yeah, that was grayed out. So I hovered over it to see what it said. It said "Get this award by validating your word count at 50,000 words" (I'm paraphrasing). Seemed a little weird, since I had already passed the 50,000 word count on November 20 (see previous posting).

I head on over to the "Edit Novel" page and instead of a link saying "Validate my word count" (as seen in previous weeks), this link says "I am ready to validate my novel". I'm thinking Okay, this is a bit odd.

I open up my Smashwords manuscript (the least formatting), copy the book's text, and paste it into the popup box presented to me. Once I clicked "Validate", something happened that I didn't expect.

All of my "Word Counts" turned from green (saying that I met or exceeded the minimum) to purple.
My NaNo stats

So, yeah, they all changed from green to purple and now say "Winner". I guess "officially validating my word count" and surpassing the 50,000 goal turned me into a 2013 NaNoWriMo Winner!

And I got this cool header graphic:
NaNo Winner

My linked user image changed as well:
Me: a NaNo Winner

I also got a snazzy certificate:
My Certificate

I've also been told that I qualify to get a sweet t-shirt (for $16.67), and get a bunch of offers from the sponsors. I'll have to check back in at a later date to get those.

So, yeah, that just happened. What has been waiting for me for so many days has finally been "validated" and I am a NaNoWriMo 2013 Winner. Although, honestly, I thought that would automatically apply once I met the 50,000 word goal and was picked among the thousands of entries. I guess as long as you write 50,000+ words, you are winner. It takes some of the pizzazz out of the winnings, but I'll focus on the positives.

I've also contacted ConCarolinas to see if I can be a Author Guest during May 2014, hopefully promoting the series (and possibly the next series) and presenting at some panels. I'll have to wait about 2-3 weeks before I hear back and know if I can even do that or not.

ALSO, I had a great conversation with a person that left some comments on my previous post about issues with the Smashwords uploads. However, though some friendly conversation, he and I saw eye-to-eye and I actually learned a lot from him. The Smashwords uploads did get fixed, he did purchase a copy, and he says he is enjoying it. That made me happy. He also had this tidbit of helpful information:
Advice from Gerry

"Words to the wise." Thank you Gerry.

On a non-related note, I did watch the Day of the Doctor yesterday. Although I do believe that the Zygon storyline was left unfinished, the episode was one that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time to figure out what Smith, Tennant, and Hurt were going to do, and to see the ending with all of the Doctor's incarnations really threw me for a loop. I won't spoil anymore until after Monday when it airs in theaters here in the US. I do hope the Zygon storyline finishes up with Smith on Christmas.

Also, if you haven't seen The Five(ish) Doctors, you need to drop whatever your doing and go watch it. Trust me: it will be the best 30 minutes of your life if you are a Doctor Who fan. Just seeing Davidson, Baker, McCoy, Smith, Tennant, McGann, Barrowman, Davies, Moffat, and others (including Georgia Moffett) was a real treat. I'm glad Peter Davidson got to do his thing with this little mini-sode.

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(Well, a bunch of other people found it before me, but I thought it was a neat trick)

After browsing around Facebook for a bit, I noticed an odd item in my news feed:
What could this be?

So I decided to check it out. After fiddling around with a newer version of the Google Maps images (and some more recent images), I decided to go incognito (according to the comments), and by using the Classic version of Google Maps on this link (, I was able guessed it: GO INTO THE TARDIS!
Yay! We are in the TARDIS! The console! In detail! More console! In detail! It is more than just cardboard cutouts We can go under and mess with the wires! Viewing from afar What? Time to leave?

....and (even though I know it was just a recreation of the actual TARDIS, and I wish it was Tennant's TARDIS instead of Smith 2.0, as first seen in "The Snowmen") it was fun to view. I can't wait to go to the the experience and view it myself with more interaction!

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Bachelor for a Week 2013: Day 4

Today was very unenthusiastic/lethargic. The thought of "something is missing" was always on my mind, and I didn't have the slightest idea why.

Here's a clue:

Yep, the internet was out at home, so I'm Internet/Email/TV/Server-less for the night. I don't know what the exact reason is, but I was told it will be back on tomorrow. (I'm writing this on my home server, so I still have access to that, but if you are reading this, then it means that the internet is back up)

On a better note, my order of Assimilation2 came in today! I can't wait to crack it open and see what happens to the Enterprise and the Doctor.

Since the Internet was out, I didn't really know what I was going to do. Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iHeartRadio all require the internet, and I have limited data on my phone (which resets on the 21st, so just under a month away, and the only radio system in the house is in the attic). So I thought I would catch up on some Reboot for nostalgia-sake. Currently, I'm at the end of Season 2, and it's amazing how many adult themes/pop culture references/computer science jokes there are that I never caught as a kid (there was even a bit in AndrAIa where they have a Kirk and Picard reference!).

While I was waiting on dinner to be microwaved, I worked on some localhost files and retweaked my RSS parser. Apparently, anybody referencing my RSS feed was getting some incomplete parsed code, which looked very weird when processed. I believe I have fixed the problem, but I won't know officially until outside sources process the feed.

In addition, I have pretty much confirmed that CJ is coming up next tuesday. That will be exciting, although I expect some of my production to slow down since getting CJ+Keat+Me together can cause some rather long discussions (in a good way). Man, some stores can demonstrate that!

All things considered, Keat's vacation is half over. Optimistically, she is only 3 days away. I can't wait to (get the drive over with and) go to the Greenville airport on Friday night and pick her up. My expectation is for Saturday to be a super-lazy day and Sunday is a "you're back, let's celebrate" day (weather permitting).

Also, Doctor Who returns in 3 days as well! I won't be able to watch the live event, but I will sure find some resources to watch The Bells of St. John!

On a related note, here's this:
Dalek mania!

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Bachelor for a Week 2013: Day 3

First, since Keat's in Colorado, here's an airplane joke (special relevance since Southwest allows you to pick your seats):

I was able to sleep in this morning, but it was a little odd again having the big bed to myself. I can't say it was comfy, but it was comfy. I didn't actually get out of it until about 2.

The weather decided to have some different plans (as March always done) and it sprinkled about 1/4 to 1/2" of snow today. I would have driven into work, but based on the extremely low amount of cars that I have seen/heard on the road in front of our house, I'm guessing that traveling was not the best option.

So, I got comfy in my chair at ("in") my home office and started working on the "First Steps" section of the site. I've been making a lot of progress on different sections loading internally of jQuery's framework. It sounded like a challenge at first, but through the process, it has become a whole lot easier.

While I was working, I also caught up on my TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Community, American Dad, Family Guy, Malibu Country (which I found out that Lily Tomlin was Ms. Frizzle, which blew my mind), and Last Man Standing.

Also, I found out that Volume 2 of my Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 compilation has been shipped and will be here soon. In addition, my Raspberry Pi (which I assumed was extremely backordered and would ship in on the 29th) apparently shipped out today and is on it's way.

I did some research and tweaking on my RSS feeds for my personal blog and company blogs, and found out that my original RSS importer was not working. Therefore, I found a new one, which I highly recommend: RSS Graffiti , which is an app via Facebook. So far, it looks pretty sleek and works efficiently to import the RSS feeds into Facebook.

The first of 3 articles I wrote yesterday went live this morning: (the next 2 will go live on Wednesday and Friday)

Also, I finished Enterprise tonight (this morning?). Overall, I give it a rating of 8/10 stars. It has some unique qualities of it's own, and has some TOS mixed in. Jeffery Combs does a great job in his own role, but I kind of wish the crew was a little more dimensional. Season 3 and 4 were better than the first 2, especially since Season 3 had a whole dedicated arch to itself, which reminded me of DS9 and the dominion war. At least the Xindi arc had a little more depth than the Dominion war.

Now, here's a(nother) Star Trek related comic:

That's it for me. 'Nite!

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Bachelor for a Week 2013: Day 2

I did not report in yesterday because I was in immense pain, almost flu-like symptoms. Needless to say, I spent most of the day in bed, surrounded by cats.

Today, however, was much better. For me, but not for the weather.

(Seriously: a major downpour of rain today, snow last Thursday, great short-sleeve weather on previous weekends, then heavy gusts throughout the month....all that we're missing is hail)

I moved the Wii into the guest room/office so I could have some entertainment while I coded away. Let's just say that if I had a fridge and a toilet in this room, I'd never leave.

I watched a good chunk of Enterprise today. Now, I'm only 6 episodes away from the end. What's on my "To Watch" list next?

I also wrote 3 articles for Shadow Dev, which will be premiering over the course of the following week.

I worked on the small blurbs and larger fancyboxes of our new pricing page, which should also be premiering sometime soon.

I lastly worked on the Portal 2.0. I made some great stride with window.location.hash when trying to reload pages based on post-hash URI's. jQuery just became a lot better now.

Here's what I am happy about today:
	$('#db_menu').find('a').live('click', function(){
		var link_id = $(this).attr('id');
			type: "GET",
			url: "/get_box.php",
			data: { q: link_id },
			success: function(data){

	var path = window.location.hash;
	if (path==""){
		window.location.hash = "#main";

I basically had to scrap the whole project and start from almost square 1. I kept the original login scripts along with the database structures in tact. My main starting point was from the Dashboard and so on.

My plan over the following week is to improve the new Portal to a point that it is ready to launch. The plan to launch Portal 1.0 with the new site launch had a small...drawback. It didn't convert with the new CSS well, and had a few delayed bugs in it, along with a good chunk missing for the Clients. My goal is for Portal 2.0 to fix that.

I don't usually like scrapping projects during development, but the pro is that the revamp comes out much cleaner than originally expected. Only time (and late nights) will tell if my feats become useful.

On a some-what related note, I was told by Keat (I don't recall if it was today or yesterday, as both days are a bit of a blur) that it is 4° out in Frisco right now. I would have been okay (that's a joke) with 4° Celsius, but we're in America, and that's 4° Fahrenheit. I do wish her the best in that frigid temperature. I'll stick with the rainy 40° here.


Also, I used a gift code from StateFarm to order the next Star Trek/Doctor Who Crossover Vol. 2 comic book today. It only cost me $5.71 (and that was with shipping and tax). It would have cost me somewhere around $18 in a shop. Although I do support local shops, I had a gift code that I had to use or it would have expired.

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End of November Catchup

Where to begin, where to begin......

Ok, here's the rundown:

  • I've become a fan of Rules of Engagement. It's actually a pretty good show, and Patrick Warburton is doing well for a sitcom.

  • I participated in my Fraternity's Initiation Night on Friday, and since I can't tell too much, all I can say is that we finally used the FPAC for I-night and it was visually exciting! I wish that the planning was a little better so things went a little smoother than "Okay, it's been 2 hours! What are we supposed to do?" and turning into "We have 2 hours left! RUSH EVERYTHING!"

  • Keat and I were in charge of the Turkey for her parent's Thanksgiving. After all of the criticism, questioning, confronting, questioning, "process correction", questioning, and so on, we did the following:
    - Brined the Turkey for roughly 12 hours
    - stuffed it with an apple, onion, rosemary and other spices
    - baked at 500 for 30 minutes
    - put on a turkey triangle, baked at 350 for 1.5 hours
    - rest for about an hour
    - carved, eat, nap, repeat
    Overall, the Turkey was the best turkey we'd ever had! Now, my parents want us to do it for their Christmas, and Keat's parents have put us on permanent Turkey duty.

  • We are moving our office from the 200 sq ft space to (just under) 900 sq ft! Progress is really going well, and we should be done by Dec 20 (photos are here: )

  • We landed a new client: Omega Safety, and a Contest Winner. PR will be released soon

  • Our facebook page reached 100 likes! Yes, through a combination of a Facebook Advertising Beta program (which gave us $100 worth of FB advertising) and some article sharing, we reached 100 likes today! Yay!

  • I created 2 items with jQuery that I thought were really cool: play sound with jQuery and Color blocks with jQuery - most jQuery "Masters" may think that they are super simple, but I thought they are great because I thought about them and created totally from scratch (although the blocks require the jQuery UI plugin)

  • My dad had a weird change-of-careers. Let's just say he doesn't have his job anymore, but has been hired back on with the same company with the same job responsibilities working his own hours at 3x the pay. Yeah, go figure. Apparently, his company got rid of his position, but hired him back on as a Consultant to do his same job. Yeah, that just happened.

  • Found a good solution for our online payment conundrum. WePay is an integrated payment system with an API for automatic charging. Otherwise: a solution to manually monitoring Paypal and manually typing into Square.

  • I started watching the classic Doctor Who episodes (at least, all of the ones available on Netflix Instant) from Hartnell through Baker (translation: First Doctor through Fourth)

I'll stop it there. November was busy, and I'm expecting December to be twice as busy (as always).

Until next update.....

Also, I found out that this blog is just over 2 years old. You can easily see what kind of updates I post on this thing.

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We're building a Dalek! We're building a Dalek!

Dalek Blueprints

Through some internet connections and an totally tangent idea, a few friends and I are building our very own Dalek! Yes, it is true. Here's the conversation to prove it:
Dalek Conversation

I can't wait to see what happens when we get together and start getting this thing off the ground. We may even be able to enter it into a convention or two!

And just because I'm on a Doctor Who craze right now, enjoy this:
Tardis and Daleks together?

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Monday Rollercoaster

Since I seem to droll on with my previous catch-up posts, I promise to keep this one short and sweet:

  • Came in today, worked with Janet to get her new menu ready
  • Recorded/processed payments/invoices for 3 clients
  • Added rewards to said clients
  • Signed up for Basecamp, explored it a bit
  • responded to emails, including Tom, Kat (+debugging), client (previous system), client (current checkout system), client (invoice followup), Amazon Spoofing
  • Checked my backlogged Reader
  • Ordered mini-squishies
  • Scanned for Health Insurance quotes - couldn't find anything usable under $90/mthCompany insurance survey
  • reconciled accounts (both)
  • split insurance declarations into one document
  • updated SD's G+ page
  • added G+ to Blog and site (for Author Verification program)
  • updated Janet's site with new roll
  • explored IdeaPaint some more
  • worked on the Team Operating Manual a bit

Previous to today:
  • Rewatching the reboot of Doctor Who, got Keat hooked
  • Signed SD up for Pintrest, flickr
  • made some major progress on the SD Portal
  • became Google Engage partner
  • talked with White Fox Studios
  • went to family gathering, had fun
  • started going to N-Scale meetings
  • PiLam volunteer meetings
  • Interviewed two people
  • Southern Atlantian Archery Day (SAAD):, rain, bow broke, stayed a night at Keat's parent's place, got refund for busted bow
  • JapanFest!
  • Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday: fun, shot some, went and stayed the night at friends house b/c it was so humid
  • met with SMDC, we are moving! (videos)
  • SD now insured
  • Got award from Powder Creek Traditional Archery

See? Told you it would be short and sweet.

And here's a short and sweet comic to sum up what Niko has been doing when I'm not in the chair:
Kitty in Chair

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Soft Kitty, Warm Dalek, little ball of....WHAT?


Too good not to share

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Summer is over...but it's not a bad thing


It has been some crazy past few weeks. Let me do a quick summary of what's happened:

  • I got into work today at 9:45am. Yes, AM! I had a crazy idea (based on an American Dad episode - the one where Roger has the "Sidney" persona that takes the hit out on himself. You remember that one? Don't cha? Right? Anyway...) to place my glasses by my "alarm". I turned off the alarm at 8:15 this morning (because Keat had to get into school before 10), reset it for 9, and went back to sleep. I got up at 9, turned off the alarm, and put my glasses on. Somehow, I felt more....awake and didn't want to go back to bed. So I got dressed, shaved, etc, and went into work. Anyway, I spent 2 hours going through my Reader and finding a lot of interesting business- and website-related articles that I felt would be good resources to share with the interwebs. So I scheduled i-don't-know-how-many posts into the Shadow Dev facebook page all the way through August 30, posting 2 per day. I then got the green light from Tom to send out an intro letter to a potential client in Asheville (after much editing), and sending some carefully worded explanations out as well. Afterwards, I worked on the Analysis followup links (see more below) and created that from almost-scratch to finished; jQuery, Paypal, form creation, and all, in a matter of about 2 hours. I then worked on a setInterval() on the Shadow Dev β site making random testimonials show up in a testimonial box every 4.5 seconds. That took about an hour or so. I had the hardest time figuring out 1) how to have the loop continuous, then 2) having the previous entry fade out, then the new one fade in. Afterwards, I met with Marti (see below) at 2 and met with her until about 4:45ish discussing different and new Project Management techniques, forms, and methods, along with a "Project Closure" sequence, which is new to me. I was getting things prepped for my teleconference at 7 when Tom sent me some requested files for the Maintenance and Rewards programs. I used the files he sent over to create the Rewards and Maintenance pages (finally). After I got done with that, I realized that I was supposed to meet Eric at Frog Level at 5 for casual beers. I hope he doesn't feel bad that I stood him up...? It was about 6:40 when I was done with the previous item, and I thought I would lay down for about 15 minutes. I set a timer for 15 minutes, and an alarm that would wake me up at 6:55. I started it (I saw it counting down), then went to lay down. About ~15 minutes later, I wake myself up, thinking that I overslept...again (see below). I woke up a minute before 7pm. Freaking out, I go over to my phone and try to call in. I see that my phone had only count down 2 seconds (from when I put it down), so it never counted down from 15 minutes. Somehow, I don't think my phone doesn't like to set alarms on Wednesday nights (see below, again). I called in to the teleconference, participated, and we were done in about 45 minutes. I then took it upon myself to clean out the office fridge. Long story short: it was over-freezing, so we turned down the temp. and the ice melted - all of it, so I transferred some out and emptied it in the sink. I then went home and watched some Big Bang, Futurama, Big Bang, and Battlestar Galactica. And that's just TODAY!

  • So, my Wednesday went a little wonkier than usual. I'll skim through the rest:

  • I created a Quote Generation System for Shadow Dev. I also created a Automatic Quote Followup system to send an email to the person who generated the quote for a followup. Quite nice if I say so.

  • The HCC Student Incubator was delayed until the beginning of September.

  • We recieved a new client: Premier Vacation Rentals

  • We gained a new staff member: Marti Daves! She comes to us with plenty of Project Manager experience, with a fine interest in hand-coding web development. Certainly a great addition to our team.

  • We re-worked the packets, again. Removed some pages, added some, and added a design to some of the packet folders. Hopefully, the response rate will be better.

  • Ordered 20 more bowls and sign holders. I find it hard to believe that each GLASS bowl was $1.44 each, but each PLASTIC sign holder was $5.34 each. It was pretty expensive, but the source for the sign holders was the least expensive option out of all of them that were researched.

  • I modified our Quota page to show what the Quarterly bonus would be if Quota is met. Should make things easier to manage

  • I created a newer version of a Contract Creator. Adding in some new clauses, price modifications, and service inclusions, and the new created contract is better than ever!

  • We launched the new SMDC design. Now to implement the information.

  • Added something a little different to a client: Instead of processing credit cards (as expected), they wanted "House" accounts (as in, give us your name, and we process your card on file). That wasn't discussed during the project negotiations, so the checkout system wasn't developed with that in mind. But, we did it.

  • Our first Contest winner won the free website, and turned it down, which is good and bad for us. Good: we have less work and don't have to shell out a loss to cover it. Bad: the Winner doesn't get a new site or PR, and we don't get good PR for offering this. Let's see how Round 2 goes...

  • After the last Monthly Meeting, I delegated out "Drinks with Geeks" and "Hello World". Good news: less on my plate to take care of. Now just to train/help the delegatees on how to do that.

  • I also created an auto-followup for websites that are analyzed using our analyzer. For the past few weeks, the followup email would say "Get ____ service!" with a link, but never went anywhere. Now, the ordering page has all 3 services available, along with a checkout system (see above for more detail).

That's it for business. If you got this far, I know you're tired of reading this. I'll finish the rest quickly.

First, a bonus comic:
The System


  • I reworked my Magic deck using Core 2013 cards. My battles with Chip and Keat are going better, and I'm not being slaughtered as badly.

  • I am now the Project Manager for Pi Lambda Phi Internationals for the front-end portion of the website. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it would be a good PR rep, along with experience in the PM world.

  • Allstate was charging me $51/mth for auto insurance. Peaking my curiosity, I searched for some quotes from other companies. Out of all of them, State Farm had the best rate at $37/mth. The rest were $44-84/mth (Geico, Nationwide, Progressive (which has a very flash-heavy version), Farmers (they operate as 21st Century around here), and more). I received an auto-followup email saying that my rate was $34/mth. I went to talk to the agent with a few questions, and she said that it was ~$32/mth. Maybe if I keep talking, it may drop below $0/mth! That'd be nice. Anyway, the same auto coverage I was getting from Allstate for $51/mth, I can get for $32/mth from State Farm. Talk about saving $100's (actually, about $240/yr). I have nothing against Allstate - I know my parents have been with them for years, and my policy was spun off about 6 months ago. My Allstate agent was super nice and helped me out a lot. State Farm just provided a better rate.

  • I tried watching the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. I'm sorry, but 5 episodes in, and I couldn't get into the storyline. It's too much like Warehouse 13, which I also couldn't get into.

  • I started watching Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 version, with Katee Sackhoff). I'm not totally immersed like I was with Doctor Who, but I like it. Maybe it's because I'm writing a futuristic space-based manga called Phoenix Eye. I don't know...

  • I visited a new Jamacian restaurant around here called One Love. I gotta say: for being out in the middle of nowhere, it was some pretty good food! And not badly priced, either! As soon as I get my paycheck, I know where I'm going again!

  • I gathered the stamina and finally went to a meeting of the "Smoky Mountain Model Railroad Club" 3 weeks ago. I've had their brochure for about 6+ months. The club was mainly about O-Scale trains. Those are nice, but I prefer my N-Scale. I met a guy named Eric there and we tried to go train-spotting during the following week. Due to some bad communication with the relays, our spotting turned up empty. Regardless, it was good to meet someone new. We went to a guy's house in Canton who had a super-ginormous N-Scale layout that he had been building for 20 years. Let's just say that it puts my old 4'x8' plastic-grass oval track to shame. No, worst than shame; I may be in the same "sport" as him, but my set would be "Here's how to play Tee-ball" while his was MLB Atlanta Braves (I'm no sports fan, so if my analogy is incorrect, please let me know). I brought out my N-Scale set and a few books and hope I can go back soon and run my set.

  • Keat and I helped Janet cater a super-fancy party for one of Janet's friends. Let's just say that this guy's garage was the size of our house! He was super-nice, and certainly blows away the "I have a vault-load of money, therefore I have the right to be snooty" stereotype. I don't think this guy could be more friendly. Regardless, the catering event was fun, even if we did walk around for about 8 hours.

  • I am working on a new service called CityFix. It's only in Phase 1 so far, and I'm doing some additional research in order to complete this service. Apparently, there is a need for this, but it hasn't been thoroughly met...yet!

  • I receive daily emails from Randy Glasbergen's publisher for his comic. I will say that I appreciate his humor and quick wit, he has some super-strict copyright policies. If his comic is republished on ANY format, it is $25 per showing. Thank you Randy, but I don't have the budget to shell out $25 per comic. Maybe later...

  • I found a new YouTube series I like: Doctor Whooves. Yes, you read that right. I think my "Brony" is showing...

  • Keat and I attended a MTN. RENDEZVOUS Archery event late July. Personally, I thought "Okay, I pay $10, I get to shoot 10, maybe 15 targets down a range. Not too bad." Instead, Keat and I found out that it was 40+ targets in a woods-style shoot (uphill, downhill, around trees, across creeks, etc). It was 1 arrow per target. 5 pts for the animal (ranging from a rabbit to a bear), 8 points for the inner ring, and 10 points for center ring. I don't recall our scores, but (I believe) Keat beat me during the first 20, and I beat hear during the last 20. $10 for 40+ challenging targets? I'd do that again! (Minus the ticks - I found one on our bed during the next day, and one under my nipple (stop laughing) later that same day). Keat also found a local supplier of traditional archery supplies! Not too bad for one crazy and tiring day!

Okay, that's enough from me for now. Ranting over. Enjoy this penguin:

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May June Catch Up

(get it?)

Before I go apologizing for not posting, let me say that the absence of posting is a good thing and a bad thing. But before I go blabbing on what happened, here's the first comic as promised:

So, in no chronological order (because I can't recall exactly what happened), here's a summary of what has happened since my last post:


  • Alright - where to begin? Well, I guess I can start with the obvious. Kat and I are working on an online tabletop emulator for role playing games. Long story short: Kat, Keat, and I just didn't have the time (or resources) to meet up and play our role playing game, Werewolf the Apocalypse. So Kat and I designed an online system that will allow for players to virtually role play. The system is still in the planning phases, but Kat hopes this will expand her PHP experience. More details as they come.

  • I'm still a newbie at Magic, and since I only have 1 deck (white and blue), I feel good about any games I win against veteran players. I've won a few games against Kat, and 1 or 2 against Keat (who is also a newbie). When Chip Green came over last weekend, we had a bunch of Magic rounds. Now, keep in mind that Chip has over 20 years of experience, and I have.....2 months? Out of the numerous games we played (against my 1 deck and his ??? decks), here was the final score: Chip: Infinity; Me: 3. Hey, I won 3 games against him! I call that a victory. A small one, but a victory nonetheless!

  • I traveled to Keat's parent's beach house in Nags Head during Memorial Day weekend. I won't go into details, but I will outline the "highlights": we brought the Wii to watch Netflix at night and during alone time. It was "taken" by one of her cousins who used it to play Lego Star Wars for 5 days. I'm surprised he didn't kill the remote batteries when we got it back. Aside from not being able to use our Wii, it was still fun. And I didn't turn into a lobster this time!

  • I finished Doctor Who on Netflix in just over a month. No, not the WHOLE series, just Doctor #9 (Christopher Eggleson) to Doctor #11 (Matt Smith) in the latest season (The Wedding of River Song and the Xmas special). I won't go on a rant about this, but David Tennant did it for me; he defined the "Doctor" and made a role that only a few could fill. Matt Smith has his own personality, which is okay, and I know the primary writer (Russell Davies) left the writing cast, but the Matt Smith series isn't a replacement for David Tennant. Overall, it was a good run. I would like to see what the latest series has to offer once they put it on Netflix (since I don't get BBC).

  • In addition, I wish they put the Tennant-Smith transition on Netflix in order of the seasons. For most people, they went from Tennant saying "Bye" to Donna, then Smith came in. There were some DW movies that filled the transition during the downtime, but you had to go searching for them on Netflix. I mean, at least have "End of Time" easily available so people can understand why Tennant left, Smith came in, and why the Tardis comes into the Matt Smith/Amy Pond season flaming.

  • Great news! (and I will admit it) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 and 2 are on Netflix! No more having to find torrents or 3rd party video services to watch MLP. I'm almost through Season 2 - still need to watch the Wedding epsode(s), but I hear that Season 3 is in the works (and John de Lancie will be in it again! Ponys vs Q - Take 2!) Yay! And to sum up the past 2 statements, here's something totally relevant:
    Doctor Who [Tennant] Pony Shirt!

    And for those Star Wars fans, here's DW/SW crossover which I found funny:
    Dw vs SW

  • After a year of being in our new house, we finally changed the dreaded iron lamp on our front porch! We changed it to an almost flush structure that gives off plenty of (almost too much) light. It soothes my head just knowing that we don't have to duck every time we come on/off the port. Now, for the dining room "death-by-chandelier"

  • I know I've been the advanced Developer on a lot of our clients' projects, but this past week has been especially stressful. To give a better idea about my "sleep schedule" (or lack thereof), here's a graph of my sleeping times (Thanks to @Sleepbot) :
    Sleeping schedule

    Yes, I have been going to bed between 4-7am for the past week or so.....?

  • Thanks to my wonder girlfriend, I now have a new bow to shoot with! I appreciate the 3rd-level hand-me-down bow that I used to shoot with (all 29lbs of it), but it was getting a little too.....used for my purpose. This new bow (which came in today) is a 45-pounder, which requires about 1/3 more power to pull back. After a few break-in rounds with it, I realized a few things: 1) I need a larger arrow rest; 2) I need to either build calluses or get a shooting glove; and 3) I need to do some muscle training (45 lbs of strength is a little too much for me right now, but I can do it).

  • A while back, we invited some of our SCA friends over to our house for a little get-together. Little did we know that the "little get-together" invitations spread like wildfire and we had 10 or so people in our house (we only have 1000 sq ft). Since we were not prepared for 10+ people, we were a little sparse on the meal (but that was okay since only a few were hungry). Most of us shot in the backyard with a "Marshal (In Training)", and did fairly well. I actually "Robin Hood"'ed an arrow. Regardless, all of us had a good time with music, signing, food, shooting, talking, and more. Defiantly something to repeat (with better planning) in the future. On a semi-related note, we didn't know that one of our good SCA friends, Dervila, lives about 20 minutes away from us! Small world, huh?

  • Our Sushi Chef friend, Janet, had to close her restaurant for a few weeks. Don't worry - nothing bad. She just needed the time off to help her husband recover from a surgery. However, before she closed, she called us over to get some leftover soup and some free sushi (to get rid of materials before the closing, since the fish wouldn't hold up for a month). In the process, we helped create a "Kaita" Roll, which is "The Best of Both Worlds Resembling an Everlasting Love". Janet said that the roll name should be "the marriage between you and Keat, so make it special". Trust me - it was much harder than it sounded. Photos to come later.

  • I also made 2 major Linux upgrades: I upgraded my home computer from CentOS to Debian (better supported), and finally got my work computer to dual-boot Win7 and Debian (Ubuntu wasn't working well with nVidia). So, long story short: I can now use Linux at home and work (and since my Windows-only programs run ok on WINE, I don't really have a reason to go back to Windows!)


  • Modified the "Request for Information" page for Shadow Dev to automatically save upon textarea blur. This was done for many reasons - the main one being because the form is so freakin' long! If Clients type in their information, and (for some reason) their computer loses the connection, the information will be automatically saved based on what was previously put in. Not a bad mashup of HTML, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery if I must say so.

  • I've been working on Fairview's website probably harder than any other client website. Let's just say that it has been one hurdle after another. Not to say that it is bad, but playing the middle man was not easy. I've pushed my limits on PHP/MySQL/jQuery and I've learned a lot, and by creating a PHP/MySQL/jQuery auto-save function on the Address portions of orders, the RFI-auto-save feature (above) was created. Fairview's site is almost complete and I expect it to launch in the next few days (if everything works as it is supposed to). The biggest challenges in this project were: creating the custom scraper to auto-download the information from their old templated website from the 3rd party, auto categorize/label/describe the information downloaded (and the different types); getting an answer back from their Credit processing company (finally received an answer, and they sent me somewhere else, which gave me the authorization codes, and I had to go somewhere else to get the documentation and PHP code in order to process the forms); and lastly, creating the custom checkout process (standard e-commerce systems just wouldn't cut this project).

  • I worked on adding a testimonial page to NSMT. Found a way to add a dropdown function via jQuery, and (through some confusion in technology) posted a testimonial video to their site along with restructuring a few pages

  • We have a new client! Frog Level Brewing Company - long story short: owner received a WordPress site from a competitor, he became tired of just "blogging" and needed a more functional and more responsive website. Since we already had a relationship with him hosting our "Drinks with Geeks" event, we got him signed on!

  • We've also hired on 3 new people on the Shadow Dev staff: Rachael Caldwell (Developer), Darren Mastrangelo (Designer), and Steven Rich (Intern). Our family is growing! We are now 10-strong! What an eventful 2012!

  • Had the Shadow Development Annual Shareholder Meeting on Tuesday. Lots of things discussed. Lockwood attended via phone, which was a little unexpected, but we have "Part II" on July 2. Hopefully some good things come out of that meeting.

  • I can't say much (because some competitors may be reading this), but we are expanding our Markets! Without giving out too much information, I can say the following: We are expanding to Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Central/East North Carolina. More to come in the next few months. The numbers are coming in, and things look good to expand!

  • One of our oldest clients, Smoky Mountain Development Corporation, asked us to perform a redesign for their site. I won't specifically say "they needed it", but it was time for their site to be refreshed. We completed the design early this morning (5am to be specific), and things look good.

  • I've reconfigured the main Shadow Dev site to reference images via "img#." subdomains. To put it in simple terms: it's like driving some moving trucks. By having 1 really big truck go from Point A to Point B, it will take a lot of gas and effort. By having 10 trucks drive from Point A, C, D, E.... to Point B, the loads each carry are smaller and they use less gas. This is in reference to loading images from the Shadow Dev site. By having the main site load all of the images through the www subdomain, the one request had to load EVERYTHING from the one source, and it took forever. By dividing the images onto dedicated image subdomains, and assigning random numbers to each, the load time decreased and the site loads a lot faster! Yay for me

  • I discovered a security issue with some of our sites that required password functions. Personally, I was encrypting the passwords with sha1 and md5 encryption. Bad news: they are easily decryptable. So, in order to respond with a more secure feature, I've switched the encryption to a crypt functionality, which automatically generates a $salt each time (a randomally generated key to encode the string), which makes each decryption that much harder.

  • Shadow Development has a Rewards Program in the works. The proposal phase is complete, it has passed the initial approval, and it is being formalized. Things should be ready to launch for the Rewards program by July 1

  • The Shadow Dev portal has kind of been left in the dust for now, since we have other urgent matters that require advanced developer attention (ie: mine). As soon as things calm down and I have a moment of free time, I will work on the portal again.

  • I've proven a proof-of-concept and +1 for automatic generators. By testing an "keyword density" tool on my own blog, I believe I have created an automatic keyword generator for pages. I know this won't replace in-depth SEO practices, but it helps automatically create keywords based on dynamic content (like blog entries). This tool is still in Phase 0.01, but it's a proof of concept none the less

  • We've started a public toolbox for anyone to use. In regards to the Game system and the Security hole above, we've created which will allow visitors (mainly developers) to use these tools for many things. So far, we have an automatic encryption form for SHA1, MD5, CRYPT, and BASE64 items as many times as needed. Other tools (like an auto web-font viewer) are in the works.

And for the end of the night:

If you are reading this far, I would like to congratulate you. This portion is reserved for a sneak preview. Not really, but since my comic repository is building up almost beyond belief.

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