Dark of the Night Progress

Night Blade 4 Cover
Proposed cover for "Dark of the Night"
The end of the year (and beginning of the new year) has passed, and I'm excited to say that Dark of the Night is coming along quite nicely. After having to travel down to Raleigh for an "emergency" trip over the holiday, and having to work almost 11 days straight at the Casino, I was pretty beat. However, after getting my act together, I was able to hammer out a large portion of manuscript over the past few days.

Let me explain: On December 18th, my word count was at 27k, which was roughly 9k under my overall word goal. Due to the traveling and the holiday, the next time I could write was on December 29th, which allowed me to get to 31k, but still 6k under my word goal (my word goal increases by 1778 words per day in order to keep up with the 80k overall goal). After that, the next time I could write was on January 15th, which seemed to be a pretty good day.

I ended my last writing session with Niko being tossed through a portal to the Grand Council (I'm trying not to give away too much detail), and the others are trying to track him down, but I didn't really have a good plan on how to proceed. However, when I started writing on the 15th, I couldn't stop! The creative juices were flowing, and I cranked out almost 7.5k words in one sitting (over 8 hours, of which I should have been sleeping)! I wrote over 300% of my daily word goal, and almost caught up to my overall word goal (38.8k actual, 39.1k goal). I will say that the events that unfolded during that writing session were probably some of the most interesting concepts I've ever had (especially since I didn't know where the manuscript was going)!

I'm still trying to write with as much availability as I have left, and hopefully can get this book done by the end of February at the absolute latest! I'm working at the Casino on the weekends (and one possible weekday) and teaching class on Mondays and Wednesdays, so I have at least two days off per week to write! Yay!

Also, in order to maintain a "Professional Author Profile", I've updated my Twitter handle!

This way, I can keep my followers (instead of having to create a new account) and have a more professional image, instead of "kode29" (which isn't bad, but it doesn't really portray the professional image)