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Viewing Recent Purchases via Google

I was browsing for the voltage requirements for an item I recently purchased through Amazon when I found this neat little trick with Google:

I was browsing for HDE, the seller of a nice little camera I bought, when this box on the right popped up.
Searching for HDE with Google

I thought it was kind of cool, so I clicked on "1 item from" (which took me to and I saw this:
My Purchases with Google

Google used my Gmail information and told me (very concisely) what the recent orders were, their expected delivery dates, and a tracking link for each (if it can find a relevant one).

I didn't expect to find this, but hey, one more way that Google is making my life easier.

(PS: You will need an active Gmail account for this to work)

(PPS: You can also just Google "my purchases" and the search result page will come up as well - you don't have to go through these steps to find that page)

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Triple Nugget!

I was going through my image library and saw this from xkcd comic that I thought was relevant to the past few days. Long story short: I ordered 3 DVD's from Amazon, a sign from Vistaprint, and business book from Amazon. The DVD's got here yesterday. I'm still waiting on the sign to be printed, and the business book is still in PA after being shipped yesterday. I wish it was here already.

PS: happy triple post! (is this a record for me? maybe I should do this more often....)

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