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Praise for CloudFlare!

DOUBLE UPDATE!!! I know I just posted an entry, but I was doing some in-depth analysis and found a major improvement since I switched my DNS records over to CloudFlare. I've posted some reports (by that monitor my main site,, and give me more detailed results for how the site has been doing (server-wise, not user-wise - Analytics are for that).


Uptime with CloudFlare


Downtime with CloudFlare

Uptime Report

Pingdom Uptime Report

This isn't a sponsored post, but I wanted to say how happy I am with the CloudFlare DNS service. This is almost as good as my old server, when the uptime was 100% all the time, not between 20-90% depending on the phase of the moon, what hour it was, if the stars were aligned, and if I even found Wonka's golden ticket.

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