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Meanwhile at Syfy



First Firefly, and now Eureka. With Eureka canceled, what will Syfy do next? More Wrestling - yeah, that's "Syfy'y"

It's only a matter of time before Syfy (btw: I still like "SciFi") goes the way of MTV: showing all non-related genre shows and appealing to only 1% of their market. Seriously, MTV back in the day was Music TV. I still recall turning it on (no matter what time of day) and seeing random music videos. Now, it's all about "who can get pregnant the first" and "what little bitch can spend all of her daddy's money on useless items" (I recall one episode that my girlfriend was watching about one 16-year-old who made her dad return her birthday beetle because it was the "wrong color." MTV makes me want to drop kick the TV.

Why not bring back the actual quality programs that make the channel unique, like Eureka and Firefly? Those shows actually pushed the limits of creativity, both in the writers and the audience. Sure, it's not Dr. Who, but it still had that spark of interest that said "This hasn't been done before. Let's do it!"

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