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Our New Project: Japanoblog

Keat and I have been dwelling on this over the past few months (aka: years), and one thing has been certain: we want to go to Japan.

We waited until after the holidays wrapped up to really start this, but one step that we have taken to assure that we are really going to Japan is to start a travel blog; in this case, Japanoblog!

Keat is currently applying for jobs over there, and hopefully will leave within the next few months. Me? Well, I'm kind of anchored down until May 10th, because I have 3 classes to teach until then. I can't just abandon them now.

Basically, Japanoblog is going to have multiple sections that we want to cover.


Japan-o-food is going to cover different Japanese recipes that people can make in their home. We'll also go around to different restaurants and food stalls and review their food.


As a train fan, I want to host a segment about Japanese trains; the different types, prices, routes, and maybe a bit of history.


After going to Japan in 2008, I got to explore a few different places, and wanted to offer the same opportunity to the public (filming approved, of course)


Japanese tips to help everyone live each day a little better, whether in Japan or America.


Lastly, since this is a thing on Youtube, we're going to film some of our day-to-day activities and let people see what we do.


Keat is going to draw some comics about our adventures and post them online for everyone to view.

Lastly, Everything Else - this list includes videos that don't fall into one of the above categories.

Overall, the whole reason why we are doing this is because we want others to enjoy our Japanese experience, especially if they want to keep up with us (aka: our parents). We both think that it will be fairly fun to do this project, and make a bit of money on the side through Youtube and Patreon.

So take a moment to explore Japanoblog and let me know what you think.

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