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i can haz resume?

I received this in my inbox earlier tonight. Based on the unprofessionalism of the context, I wanted to share my unholdable laughter of this.....uh, "attempt."

Honestly, if this "guy" had any professional experience, he would write this in a more professional manner, instead "lolspeak".

Now, if I was an uneducated HR manager (using IE/Outlook and Windows XP, or something like that), I would download this potentially harmful file and infect my somewhat protected computer, and start freaking out when something go awry. So, I clicked "View" to view the *.docx in Google's Document Viewer. If something is to go wrong, I'd rather Google's servers find it, take care of it, and help others than infect my machine.

So....I clicked "View" on the document and saw what it had to offer. I'm only showing a portion of it, but this was the best part of the whole document (my commentary is in red):
What the CV had to offer

Now, I previously graded an email that was sent to me, and this pretty much the same thing.

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