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I know, I know...

So it's almost 2007 and my last post was from November. Don't get on my back about it. I have been very busy with the past month with finals, getting papers in, traveling home, family issues.....okay, so finals were a breeze, i got 3 A's, 2 B's, and a C (Accounting isn't my strong suite - the math is easy, it's the record-keeping that's hard). So it's the new year. Whooppee! Yay! *blow little noise maker* okay, happiness over. Time to get back to work.

Well, we haven't gotten any new clients for Shadow Dev, but we are getting some progress in with SGA. The communication person I have been talking with hasn't responded to any of my recent e-mails, and I believe that she checks her e-mail once a month. That's why she hasn't gotten back to me yet. Long story short, i went past her and contacted the "old contact" that I used to talk to before she came in, and I finally got results. We should have a meeting when school starts again.

LMP got two new people in, so I should have their profiles soon to put up. Also, my family and I went to Lake Myra Christmas which (for those of you who know) makes the Alltel Pavallion Light Show look like a banjo-playin' country irish hoedown. I won't go into the details, but we may have LMC as a client soon! (giving them a big discount along with that). And, some guy called me wanting a job with SD. I told him i wasn't in the area (which i'm the area that is; I'm in Raleigh instead of Cullowhee) so i told him to send me a resume and some sample work via e-mail. That was Thursday - nothin yet.

Speaking of which, my girlfriend should be out of debt soon! she got lots of money from Xmas and she is depositing it all, which should get her out of the red and back in the black (which is a good thing....). Also, I'm still working on Neko Sentou which hasn't gotten anything added to the story yet, but many mini stories are coming to me. And I'm getting the Characteristics section organized so it's a lot easier to understand, as a writer and for publishers/editors.

Um...what else....well, I wish my girlfriend was here with me for New Years, because she is literally going through hell with her parents. I won't go into details here because someone she dearly knows may read this and rat her out, which will get her in more trouble than she is already in, so i'll just say...I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! I know that she is only gone for 2 weeks, but I MISS HER!!! (hey, idea for the manga). I can't wait for her to get back here and we can go back to Cullowhee. But the first thing that I'll do when she gets here is give her a big kiss and a big hug, because I know that she needs it.

My brother-in-law decided that we (as a family) should watch Slithers, which I will say was interesting, but not something that I want to watch again...ever. I walked into the kitchen and saw those little weiners and I thought they were slugs from the movie....creepy.

I do have good news though: since my laptop won't work with burning or burned cd's (don't ask), i was able to use my dad's laptop to burn two copies of an Offspring mix, which we can use for the manga when it goes anime. well, gotta go. Dial up may kick me off again. I'm gonna ask jinnee if she can help me with closing my accounting books, because i still don't understand how to do that concept.

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