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Up late again

well, I have been working the the SGA backend for the past week (non-stop) and I think I have a new method for posting blogs. It's kinda hard to explain, but basically it's using PHP to create, edit, and save files (sounds simple, right?) Well, I've been working on it for the past 2 hours and I am almost done. This will create your account for you, create a new post for you, let you edit your post, and more.

also, since I'm rambleing about this, I just want to say: people who believe that Web Development is easy...well, you are partly right. Many people who need a site want the same thing (photo gallery, contact list, about page, etc) and it seems that all of our clients have that in common. Well, except for LMP. LMP is our cornerstone for our clients, because the site is basically set on auto-pilot. All I do is make sure it's updated with changes within LMP and the site updates itself. I believe that I may be the exception to LMP's "2-year only" rule. I bet there is nobody on campus that can match up to me on Web Skills. I talked to a few of the IT guys that "think they know everything" and they had no idea what I was talking about. Even when I told them that I was using "free software" (PHP, Linux, terminals, text-editors, etc), they couldn't believe me. They believe that you have use to GUI's for everything, and if you don't spend money, then you can't use it. Well, guess what: WRONG!!! Everything that I am using to create sites with is free (Linux is free, the terminals in Linux are free, SSH is free, FTP software is free, PHP is free, MySQL is free....) and the only thing that I am really paying for is a stable IP address since my personal server moves with me and is unoperatable during the summer and Xmas (parent's still have Dial-Up).

My vow by the end of my life is to make SDT the only name people think of when they need Internet Applications (such as Websites). Google's okay, but they don't really offer any client support. SDT does. I mean, think about it. You need a website. Who is the first company/person that comes to mind. Takes you a while, huh? Well, when I'm done, SDT will be the first thing on everybody's mind for Internet Apps. And people will line up to be on the client list for us because of such good work we do (i know that is grammatically wrong, but it sounds nice).

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