Night Blade, My Future, and Niko

Wow, is it April already? It's funny how 2015 is flying by.

"Night Blade: Dark of the Night" is in Proof form, and I feel kind of bad for not posting my completed word update, like I did after my last 3 books. Just goes to show you how fast this year is moving (although with two jobs, a freelance writing career, and our cat passing away, I've had a lot on my plate).

Without further boring you, here's the quick rundown:

Night Blade Results

My word count for Night Blade: Dark of the Night topped out (as of the Proof) at....86,593! It's not the 100k I was expecting, mainly because I was trying to make the 30 pages of script stretch so far, until I just didn't have any more material to write. Maybe after the Proof is edited, I may surpass the 100k mark. Only time will tell, but it's been a fun ride while it lasted.
Word Count

Word Total

What will I do from here? Sell it, of course! Meanwhile, planning out my next series, which I believe will be Omega Noir. What will that series be about? Let's just say it will focus more on magic. I have a few more ideas for series in my head, such as a sci-fi series and a VR series, but I still have a lot of work to do with those. Omega Noir is the one that has the most progress so far.

My future Plans

I know that you want to hear more about Night Blade and stuff like that, but I thought I'd do a small plug about my future decisions. Here's the sitch: I'm stuck between 4 careers right now. Between the 4 of them, I need to decide what I want to do and pursue it.

I'm working as:
- Table Games at a Casino: Good money, low hours, but not something I want to do 5 years from now.
- Adjunct Professor at Community College: Good job, nice money, maybe worth pursing full time (at least I'll get my weekends back). However, I may have to pursue an MBA or a MST (Master's of Science and Technology) before going full-time.
- Freelance Writer: I like writing, and turning this into a career may not be so bad.
- Freelance Web Developer: My original love. I love coding web apps and love getting my hands dirty with code, but after experiencing burnout after 8 years, I may want to reapproach this, but from a different angle.

Which will I choose? Only time will tell - I hope.

Niko, forever loved

Our Niko One of the reasons why my social life has been a little lacking over the past few weeks is because Keat and I lost our beloved Niko. Long story short: in January, he had a UTI, which I rushed him to the emergency vet in Asheville at 11pm. Luckily, they were able to work on him at a high cost. Our local vet was keeping tabs on his PCV (Pack Cell Volume) for the past few weeks, and he was looking very good. Then, he wouldn't eat anything, which was unusual for him. We tried pure wet food, small portions of water, and even treats, but he would only eat a small fraction of what he would usually consume. We made him a comfy bed out of some blankets and made sure he was comfortable.

Then, on March 27th at around 3:15pm, we tried to give him some water, and he just stopped moving. I thought that since his eyes were open, he could still see us. I tried my best to shake him (without being too forceful), but he wouldn't respond. We called the local vet, rushed him over in a towel, and waited for them to do something, but it was too late. He left us before we got there. Keat and I cried in the operating room for a long time before we brought him back home. After all of that, we had to call out of work because we were just too emotionally wrought to deal with anything.

Niko was with us for 8 out of his 9 years on this earth. He was loved up until the last moment, and will still be loved afterward.

We buried him the next day, and got a solar powered LED flower that changes color, mainly so it would be glowing when we would get home from work in the early hours of the morning, signalling that Niko was waiting for us when we got home, like he always would. After much consideration, we looked into his cause, and we believe it was a combination of an auto-immune disease, which was either triggered or aggravated by his UTI, and a form of cancer, as many cancerous signs showed up (such as lack of appetite, lethargy, rapid weight loss, swelling limbs, etc).

It was hard for us over the next few days to remove a few of his items, but he will always have a place in our hearts (and as the main character in Night Blade, who he is named after, and as our Wifi Router name).