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Corgi Loop!

This is going to be a very short update, mainly because I am so tired and need to hit the bed soon.

I just wanted to write this because I am actually proud of what I did.

Here's the overview:

  • The web server was already set up to find scheduled invoices, create said invoices, and notify the client of the invoice to be paid on the appropriate due date and frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc)

So, based on practicality, I took that a step further:

  • All invoices are due in 14 days. On day 15 (if the invoice is still not paid), a reminder is sent to the Client saying "Hey! This is a reminder that your invoice is due."

  • 1 week after that is sent out, and the invoice is still not paid, then a final reminder goes out saying "Pay your bill or your website will be deactivated"

  • 1 additional week later (and if the invoice is STILL not paid), then 3 things happen: 1) an email goes out saying that the website has been deactivated, and the Client must pay their bill in full plus a reactivation fee in order to get their site back up; 2) a flag is put in their client file triggering the site deactivation sequence; and 3) whenever someone goes to any page of their website, the deactivation sequence checks for that flag and puts up a "This website is down" page (their email will still work, but visitors and SE's can't get to their site)

  • (I'm still working on this) When the invoice has been paid in full, plus the reactivation fee, anyone with access to our Portal can go in and re-activate the site by 3 simple clicks. After that, the Client will receive an email saying that their site is back up, and visitors and Search Engines alike can view the site again.

Well, that's my saturday night. I'll make a more detailed post tomorrow, discuss the recent events, my vacation, and the progress on the back of the house! YAY....zzzzzzzzz

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