Debate? It was more like a Duh-bate

After watching the Presidential Debate last night, all I can say is a question: was that a debate or an SNL sketch? Seriously. I'm all for discussing topics and getting answers, and I thought when both candidates spent 30 seconds thanking everyone then getting to the first question that this was going to be an informative debate, but that was not a debate. It was more like Romney sweating his way through an unprepared class presentation, attacking Obama on every point imaginable, and always getting the last word in (and even the attack on PBS! I mean, COME ON!), while Obama was casually going through the questions and trying his best to defend on what Romney was throwing.

While this was going on, Keat was working with some of her groupmates on a project (I'll go into detail later), and she couldn't watch the debate. Although from as much as I was commenting on Facebook (10 status posts in 90 minutes, at least 15 replies to items, and I lost count how many likes I gave/received), she pretty much got a play-by-play commentary of what was going on.

After all was said and done, I receive a PM from a friend of mine whom I have not heard from in a long while. His message was a little.....abrupt, but I did just like Obama and casually responded addressing all of his points while informing him of his decisions.

Let's just say that while his PM was 1 paragraph, mine was 2 pages. And here it is:

I just thought this was worth sharing. Although Jonathan probably despises me right now for responding with that, he is entitled to his own opinion.

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