Headin' to a Party!


It feels like forever since I posted last, but I thought I'd get an update in before I head to a friend's party tonight.

I've been working on the NSMT alert system, and it keeps bugging me how something works so perfectly on our end (we've even tried to break the system, and it still worked), but it doesn't work on the remote end. I can't really determine the issue and it's becoming harder and harder to figure out what the issue is if the end-user doesn't let us know if something is causing it or what their environment is for their system. It could be anything from a simple security setting to browser restrictions to Admin settings to anything! We don't really provide Tech Support (and this is one of the main reasons). I've been down that road and it baffles my mind how some technology users can be so oblivious about something so simple (it's like someone calling a car mechanic and saying "My car is going WHIRR - fix it!" when the car is sitting in the driveway - impossible to diagnose from remote and impossible to fix if if the problem can't be determined).

I'm also working on some training videos, and found how how YouTube works with privacy settings. I originally uploaded a video and posted it online, but found out that the video was only available to me and my friends. I tweaked that and found out how to make it public, but private. I was also asked how to increase the volume and told them how to increase it via the YouTube application (I told them "we didn't design it, so we can't change it"). I told them that the volume works fine on our end at 30% with and without headphones, so I can't tell what their problem is.

I've also had to push some other client projects back to get this done. It's really irking me to tell these clients "Please wait while we get this done for another client", but what can you do when the company only has 1 developer?

Anyway, I'm gonna call it a night and head to my friend's party in Asheville.

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