No Snow Day? Ok...


Wow, is the day over already? It just seemed like a few hours ago that I resistantly cralwed out of the warm bed. No delayed schedules today, but after getting up at around 10:30, dropping Keat off at class, then heading to the office, I just wanted to stay warm. There wasn't as much snow as yesterday. In a way, I'm glad. That means that there will be (hopefully) less wrecks.

I worked on a various number of things today: the cURL implentation (which was easier than expected; the hardest part was having the cURL library and the https connection), blog fixes, and some F&I things. Not really much to report about today. In 1 word, today was: blah.

1 interesting thing I did see was a slew of fire trucks parked outside of our apartment. Not quite sure why they were there, but it added something interesting to today.

Almost forgot: when we got up today, I had a bit of a rude awakening. I rolled over and felt a wet spot on the bed. I thought the worst, but when I realized that it was on the bed, on the sheets, and on the blankets, I realized that it was something I couldn't have done. Apparently, Chi had gotten on the bed and (we're suspecting) peed on it. We're not quite sure why (aside from being in heat), but the little event soaked through 2 comforters, a sheet, the mattress spread, and soaked into the mattress cover. Keat and I striped the bed and started washing the items in question. Stupid little cat.

That's it for me tonight. Not much else happened. Fairly short entry.

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