Finally! Some common sense

I just read an article from Slashdot about how Jakob Neilsen talks about a view of the Web 2.0 and how people are sacrificing tasteful design for "glossy"-ness of applications. I have to say: Thank God that someone finally has some sense! There is a big reason why I started my company, and this just adds to my reason.

I mean, sure: people can create software that can "easily create your own website in minutes", but if that happens, then you sacrifice good design (most of the time) and good organization (in most cases). If you have a system where people can create "rich applications" for their sites, you sacrifice good design. And if you ask a freelancer "web designer" to do it, you sacrifice almost everything because "web designers" specialize in "You're my friend, so I'll do it for cheap" which translates into "I'll get to it in my free time, and it won't be so great. I have other things to work on."

This is why my company was created: to create a center point for good design, good architecture, good organization, and good applications. By using special "Web Designers" who just design the layout, then the coders do all of the coding work (design-wise and application-wise). People just don't understand the potential of the web, and it may take us till Web 4.0 to realize that. The Web is a very, very powerful tool, and if people abuse it, then why is it even here? I know that many people may be saying "Oh, but I don't abuse it! I use it everyday." Well, to those of you who think that you can create a site: I would like you to try to balance good design, good applications, and good compatibility with other systems (browser and OS's). It takes a lot more than you think.

Think about it: Google is one of the top Web names because of a making sense of searching. Google now has many applications that specialize in "glossy-ness" of their applications, but lack in "design"-sense. Facebook is also here because of well-made organization of their applications and structures, and have a semi-good design going for them. Those are the first two that come to my head.

Many other "web design" freelancers have their own domain(s) that specialize in offering their service, but most of the time, if someone comes to your site and they see a bad design, then they will "try" to navigate for a little while, but then they will leave immediately. On the other hand, if a "web developer" comes out (like me) and has a site that specializes in applications, it is good overall, but lacks in design. If someone were to visit a site that just specialize in applications but had no design, then they don't know where to start, and then they leave without learning what potential that site has.

Jakob Neilsen has the right idea, and he is the "best" for web usability and design features. Tim Berners-Lee is the "father" of the Internet, and has brought the beginning of design to the Web. Many other developers are upcoming and bringing the talents of many, many languages to this chaotic web, but there is not "one" who stands out of the rest as of today. I hope to be the first to bring all of these many factors together and allow this chaotic web to make sense to the world.