Get in the Verge!

Well, I have stayed up for the past 10 hours working on my new project: Verge, and I must say, I am impressed with myself. Even thought Verge is only in the Design stages right now, it has a User Tracker (basically, it automatically signs you in if you didn't log out - think Facebook), which may be basic to some of you, but I have never done that before! I have tried many other methods with past projects, like NetLink, which died after 2 years, but Cookie's (as long as you know how to handle them) rule!

I was also able to impliment the Modal Dialouge Box into this (, and the Movable Window system ( This will be a Free Web OS! And I like how it is set up, too! the designs aren't too clashy, and they basically fit the page. I also added a *.v extention so it's easier than typing .php in all of the files. It's pretty cool. Sign up now and see how it progresses! (It's free!....please?)

Tags:#sdt #verge