A while indeed...

'Tis been a while since my last post. Well, let's see...where to start...

I have received a new advisor after I was wrongly transfered to the BLaw advisor, and my new advisor is my ENT teacher, who I have already met with.

So far, everything is going great - I only missed 1 class so far, and it was an easy class (the CIS 251 that I could teach), and the only reason I missed that is because I was sick in bed for the day and did not go anywhere. But it turned out to be a little stomach bug and it was gone after 5ish. I'm still keeping up with the clubs, and LMP and SGA are going to finally pay for the SD services! I'm so glad, because there has been so much controversy over the legal system with a "Campus-based Business" offering services to a Student Organization, blahdy, blahdy, blah,
etc, you know... Anyway, I will get that straightened out tomorrow. I am not participating in the Mentor program for the SLI because that took up too much of my time. I'm now working as the President of LUG (Linux group, which is doing a lot more than last year [improvement], like our 3 Software Freedom Day's this year (one has already happened, and it was a start)), working a minimum of 6 office hours a week (required for the check since it is salaried) for LMP, but I'm afraid I may work myself out of a job - long story short, everything that everyone wanted only took me about a week to do, and the current events on the main page along with the movies on the main page are auto-updatable. Overall, the LMP is 90% automatic, so I may work myself out of a job, or I could just work on other things during my office hours.

My advisor last year transfered me to the Business Law advisor for this year, and I went in and asked a few questions. Apparently, they had put me with the wrong advisor, and I got that corrected (long process that took 3 days). Finally, my new advisor is actually my ENT teacher, so she and I get along great anyway. I talked to her last Friday (not the one that just past, but the one before) and she really helped me develop marketing strategies for SD, and add integrity to my business plan. I also found a way to use a few of those leadership methods to help SD along. Last Wednesday, i took an OS!M (Oh Shit! Moment [from Steve Farber]), and talked to Keat and Zach. It turned out that I confessed that I did not know how to say "no" and took control of a lot of the projects. So I changed it around a little bit. I proposed a site for a potential client, and let Keat and Zach basically "attack" it. It felt great just seeing those two, across the table, bounce ideas back and forth, and me just sitting back. It felt good to actually "not" have to do work for a change.

Anyway, as for the Atlanta Trip today, we were supposed to leave at 6:45. Sensei (my Japanese Instructor) didn't get there till 7:15, and after all of the preliminary checks, we left around 7:30 for Atlanta. The trip was fun, with Martial Arts demonstrations of Akido, Karate, and Kendo, along with Japanese entertainment (drummers, dancers, and a crazy candy making guy (tell you later about this guy)) and we were there from 11-3. Afterwards, we left and went to some town outside of Atlanta that starts with a D....something like Duplah or something...anyway, we stopped at this Asian Market. It's like a Walmart, but Asian based. Keat and I ordered food there for cheap, and that was enough to feed about 3 people (think about it, 3 people (even teens) for $6...ain't bad), and we left there at 5:30. We got back here just about an hour ago, and I had to take Keat home from campus. Meanwhile, in the parking lot where my car is parked, we walked past
this SUV that had a police car behind it, lights on, cops around the SUV, and everything. Afterwards, when I came back, there were 3 police cars around the SUV, and I don't know what was going on. I didn't stick around to find out.

Also, since this trip was designed for the Japanese classes, a total of 49 people went (most from classes, some visitors). One more thing: since I work at LMP and have a bunch of stuff there (along with friends who "live" at the UC), I basically "live" at the UC also. I mainly come to my dorm just to sleep, but besides that, my room is my office at the UC in the LMP office. It's closer to everything and in the center of campus.

by the way, they're not going to start on rebuilding Helder, Leatherwood, and Dodson till after this year. However, they did take our Sbarro's and put in a better version of the same thing called Bene's.

also, since I'm thinking about it - i talked to my faculty advisor who is the same for SGA and FLI, and he said at the last staff meeting (as of Friday), my name came up a lot for the LMP site (check it out: http://lmp.wcu.edu), and many of the staff members loved the work I did for the LMP site. So Bart (the faculty advisor, you met him at the Orientation for FLI) said that I shouldn't be surprised if some faculty contact me for their department's or club's website. So the name is getting out (and since this is a college-based business running "in" the college, any checks that are made have to be made out to me personally, then I will deposit them into the SD account).

this is it for now. later...