'tis been a while...

How does that old quote go...? "Busy as a Beaver" or something along those lines or something. These past two weeks have been hell for me, and I have maybe spent 3-8 hours just in my dorm room (sleeping). The rest of the time, I have been either in classes or with LMP, SLI, or LUG. LUG started out yesterday, and I'm proud to say that we had 9 people show up - which is more than all of last year. Hopefully, we can execute our plans for Friday the 15th (World FireFox Day) and the 16th (Software Freedom Day). That'll be fun to finally participate in - along with promoting FireFox 2.0. Also, I am very happy: I made life simplier. Instead of having to create sites on my Linux box and then try to hook my laptop off of the weak wireless network (since I only have one internet port in this room) to test sites that do work in Firefox, but I didn't have a way to check them in Internet Exploder. Now, since I finally got WINE, I was able to run IE under FC4. Now, I have made life simplier by being able to use IE (god-forbid) and Firefox both under Linux - now I can test sites in Firefox and have them break down in IE, then fix in IE with one click. It's all so simple now!!!! I was happy for about 1/2 hour, then I realized: "I have work to do"...so I'm doin' that now.

speaking of which, if you get a chance to check out lmp.wcu.edu, that site is now automatically updatable. it's cool